Repeal & Replace Healthcare, a Sticky Situation

We could define a ‘sticky situation’ as an activity that is aggravated by ones additional involvement with it.  To repeal & replace Obamacare is indeed such an activity.  Like drinking salt water to quench your thirst, which leads only to more and increased thirst, we’re seeing that repealing & replacing the nations healthcare plan gets more complicated even as reformers begin to suggest remedies.  It’s like getting cotton candy on your wool slacks.  Picking it off or brushing it off just spreads the problem further.

“Repeal? Replace? Reform? Repair? This Year? Next Year?” is an excellent article written by Steve Silkin for the Insurance Insider Newsletter.  His cogent analysis will set you to thinking. Like a game of Jenga one must be very careful before they start pulling out parts without careful forethought less the entire structure collapse.  Use the link below and give this article a serious read.  Repeal & Replace Healthcare, a Sticky Situation…