The Republican ACA replacement bill

headacheThe Republican ACA replacement bill was released yesterday amid much controversy.  Republicans fell into 2 camps over the the key provisions of the bill.  Democrats and other groups also took shots at the bill.  7 Key Provisions of the new bill are either “great” or “draconian” depending on who you talk to and who you believe.

While I do try to remain neutral in this post I do get concerned that consumers as well as broker/agents like myself get bounced around by Washington.  I do hope that we come to legislation that truly has all of our citizens in mind.

Quite honestly I know that the ‘devil will be in the details’.  How many people will lose their coverage under Medicaid, (Medi-CAL here in California)?  Tax breaks instead of subsidies, does that favor everyone equally, does it hurt anyone?  These are just 2 provisions that I will closely keep my eye on.  Here are 7 provisions of the bill, what do you think?

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