Celebrating the 22nd Anniversary of Fixed Indexed Annuities


Celebrating the 22nd Anniversary of Fixed Indexed Annuities

Check out this article from the “Indexed Annuity Leadership Council”  https://indexedannuitiesinsights.com/ Move aside, Valentine’s Day… there’s another reason to celebrate! This week, we’re celebrating the 22nd anniversary of Fixed Indexed Annuities, (FIAs). While we can’t guarantee flowers or heart-eyed emojis, this anniversary marks the continuous advancement of a retirement product that can offer guaranteed lifetime…

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The Republican ACA replacement bill


The Republican ACA replacement bill was released yesterday amid much controversy.  Republicans fell into 2 camps over the the key provisions of the bill.  Democrats and other groups also took shots at the bill.  7 Key Provisions of the new bill are either “great” or “draconian” depending on who you talk to and who you…

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IRS Increases Tax Deductions for Long Term Care Insurance

The facts speak for themselves.  70% percent of us will need some form of long term care.  40% of us will need nursing home level of care. The average cost for this level of care in 2014 was $87k annually.  That’s expected to rise to $123k by 2024, and $144k by 2034! There are only…

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Medicare’s little known penalty trap!

All, This morning I’ve sent the following email to my clients who are 64 or older, you should definitely read it! It’s about Medicare’s little known penalty trap! Don’t get snared… To all my Medicare clients… good morning. Many of my clients who have turned 65, and are still working, and who remain on their…

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Repeal & Replace Healthcare, a Sticky Situation

We could define a ‘sticky situation’ as an activity that is aggravated by ones additional involvement with it.  To repeal & replace Obamacare is indeed such an activity.  Like drinking salt water to quench your thirst, which leads only to more and increased thirst, we’re seeing that repealing & replacing the nations healthcare plan gets…

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When you die have no regrets!

On the way to our ‘death beds’ and we are all surely headed that way… it is found that there are 5 regrets that people have more than the other regrets.  Find out what they are so that you can avoid them and live longer and happier.  When you die have no regrets! -TSR http://bit.ly/2krXJzk

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Calls come for Delay on Repeal of Obama-Care

Hello all, As I’ve told many of you, my clients who are contacting me regarding their insurance coverage with the new administration vowing to repeal it, we are likely looking at a ‘repeal & delay’ result.  Having spoken with various colleagues and read what I can from industry insiders I’ve told my clients that it…

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Consumers helping moderate cost of healthcare plans

The purchasing of lower cost health plans means consumers helping moderate cost of healthcare plans.  According the Commonwealth Fund  “Covered California demonstrates—straight out of Economics 101—that if consumers have easy-to-understand, transparent information without being overwhelmed with too many choices, they will buy lower-premium products available on their tier,” write the researchers… -Thom See the surprising…

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Trump Administration & Healthcare – Insurance for everybody

Like this lady sometimes I don’t know what to think!  As an insurance broker I again find myself in that strange place between the sometimes conflicting views of my clients and those of the insurance carriers that I represent, and that I represented to those clients.   Nevertheless I have built whatever reputation I have by…

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2017 Premium Changes and Insurer Participation in the Affordable Care Act

What’s up with the Affordable Care Act for 2017?  Are 2017 premium changes & rates going up?  Are insurance companies going to leave California?  Fascinating information about the Affordable Care Act, (aka ObamaCare), can be found here: http://kff.org/health-reform/issue-brief/2017-premium-changes-and-insurer-participation-in-the-affordable-care-acts-health-insurance-marketplaces/  

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